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Trying to catch up

Since I returned from vacation at the beginning of this week I’ve been trying to catch up on all the things I need (and want) to do (including sleep!), but I haven’t yet been able to manage this with any great success. It seems as though I’ve been going almost non-stop ever since I got back from New York, and have ended up squeezing in only the absolute essentials on my To Do list. I’m not sure I remember ever being this busy before… I’m must say, though, that I’m enjoying it!

Needless to say, my blogging is suffering somewhat (along with everything else). A couple of people had asked me to do a recap of BlogHer ’12 to give them a better idea of what happens at such an event, and I promise I haven’t forgotten! Things should slow down a bit over the weekend, so I have set aside some time to do one or two epic post-BlogHer ’12 entries that will fill you in on all the exciting details.

Watch this space!

Meanwhile, tonight I’m off for an evening with friends to watch a few episodes of my newest discovery – Downton Abbey. I’ve only watched the first three episodes of the first season so far, and already I’m hooked! I’m glad I was introduced to this incredibly well-done series, glad I still have a bunch of episodes left to enjoy, and also relieved to hear that it will apparently be back for a third season in January!

Hope you’re having a great day!

Laurel Storey, CZT – Certified Zentangle Teacher. Writer, reader, tangler, iPhoneographer, cat herder, learner of French and Italian, crocheter, needle felter, on-and-off politics junkie, 80s music trivia freak, ongoing work in progress.

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  • The Shiny Butter Blog August 9, 2012

    I find it very easy to feel completely overwhelmed, especially so when I’m out of my routine- and even more especially so when I’ve been traveling, so good luck reigning it all back in as you adjust back to your everyday life.  I’m really looking forward to your BlogHer ’12 re-cap.  Some of my favorite posts to write are these epic recaps that seem to take a bit of time and to take a bit out of me, but they are always met with such appreciation- even when I feel like they are just long-winded and self-indultgent.  So lay it on us and let us know all about it, even if you have to put off a good night’s sleep one more day!

    • DawnStorey August 10, 2012

      Thank you! I think the best part of this weekend is going to be SLEEPING IN and not having to go anywhere!My epic post is percolating as we speak!


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