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Photo Friday: Macro

Of all the olloclip goodies I have for my iPhone, so far I’ve had the most fun playing around with the macro lens, as using it to focus in on the finer details of an object offers a whole new perspective and enables you to capture a different kind of photo. So today’s Photo Friday challenge prompt was an exciting one! After scrolling through all of the photos I’ve taken using my macro lens I decided to cheat a little and pick two (but they’re both of pencils, so at least the theme is consistent!) – one of a regular drawing pencil that I took in response to a Photo A Day Challenge prompt of “Dull” and another of some woodless coloured pencils for a “Bright” prompt.

Photo Friday - Macro

Photo Friday – Macro

Photo Friday - Macro

Photo Friday – Macro

If you’re interested in using your phone to do some macro photography (whether or not you have a separate macro lens), but aren’t quite sure where to start, Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim gives you some helpful tips here and here. Do check them out… I’d love to see what you and your camera come up with!

Have you done any macro photography?
Please share!


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