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A voice for #suicideprevention


I learned from my very aware friends at Write Tribe that today is World Suicide Prevention Day. With the tragic death of Robin Williams still achingly fresh in our minds, the observation of such a day seems rather timely, doesn’t it?
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Tangled Tuesday No. 19

A to Z Tangle Sampler - April, 2014

Slowly, slowly, I’m getting back into the tangling groove after coming to a near standstill due to a bout of tangle fatigue. I’m happy to say that I now have a couple of completed projects under my belt, though, so today’s Tangled Tuesday post will be a [click to continue…]


#MicroblogMondays 2 – My Name Is


My name is Laurel. Yes, my name is a little bit different, somewhat uncommon… and I love it. One small problem, though, is that my name is enough like other, more familiar names – Laura, Laurie, Lauren – that it’s often mistaken, misspelled, and [click to continue…]


Today’s Gratitude List – Linkup No. 45


You’re probably going to laugh, but at the top of today’s gratitude list at this moment in time is the fact that the skin condition that’s been bothering me for months now appears to be pretty much cured! Within a day or two of discontinuing use of [click to continue…]


Easy-Peasy Recipe: Chocolate Puddle Cake


Mmmm, Puddle Cake. I always seem to forget about this recipe, despite the fact that it is quite possibly one of the easiest cakes ever to make, calls for ingredients that are readily on hand in your basic pantry (no eggs or milk required), and doesn’t even [click to continue…]


Photo Friday: Nightfall


As I scrolled through my archives in search of inspiration for today’s Photo Friday prompt, I realized that I take a LOT of sunset pictures! I also realized that each one, no matter how well it may have turned out, ended up being a pale imitation of the [click to continue…]


100 Words: For #InternetFriendDay


A note to my “imaginary” friends… some things I want you to know:

I appreciate you for your kindness, your caring… for the way you step up and give and share and love with such willing generosity. [click to continue…]


My “harmless” addiction


I am addicted.

There’s some on my desk and in my bag. There’s more in the top drawers of both the nightstand beside my bed and the little end table next to my [click to continue…]


#MicroblogMondays 1 – Just a day late!


I know what you’re thinking. “What? Two posts in the same day from her? And the second one has Monday in its title? When it’s actually TUESDAY? Has she gone mad?!” Please don’t be confused, dear readers – it’s definitely Tuesday today, but [click to continue…]


Tangled Tuesday No. 18

A to Z Tangle Sampler - April, 2014

Remember when I told you that last week’s Tangled Tuesday post was going to be a little sparse? HA! You really haven’t seen “sparse” until you’ve read today’s post – because I’m afraid I had a very unproductive tangling week, so I come to you with little to share. [click to continue…]


Photo A Day Challenge – August 17-31, 2014


During the last half of the August Photo A Day Challenge I was thrilled to have one of my photos – Breakfast – chosen as part of the “Fab Nine” on the FMS Photo A Day Facebook Group. It’s the sort of thing that happens very rarely for me, so when it does [click to continue…]


Today’s Gratitude List – Linkup No. 44


What’s on your gratitude list as we bid farewell to August and look ahead to fall? I’m grateful for the ever-nearing opportunity I’ll have to see my family and some old friends when I visit Victoria in October – now that September is practically here, it [click to continue…]


“Trying again” check-in

healthy living

A little while back I shared that I was trying again – that is, getting myself back on track with healthy living in order to reach and maintain a healthy weight. It’s only been a few weeks since I made that decision, but I thought it was time for [click to continue…]


Photo Friday: Warmth

Medium Format Camera

My choice for today’s Photo Friday picture actually has a double meaning related to the “Warmth” prompt. The first is obvious – flaming saganaki! – but the second is the “warm” memories I have of the occasion. The photo was taken a year or so ago [click to continue…]


My two cents’ worth on working from home

Working from home

Almost three years ago now (I truly can’t believe it’s been so long!) Peter and I moved to Windsor, Ontario and I started working from home (part time) for my employer in Victoria, BC. Though I’d never really seen myself as the work-from-home-type [click to continue…]


12 Most Effective Keys to Living a Meaningful Life


While we each may express it in our own unique style, and our individual paths will twist and turn in different directions along the way, I believe that we all share a common desire: To live a meaningful life.
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Tangled Tuesday No. 17

A to Z Tangle Sampler - April, 2014

For whatever reason, I struggled with a bit of tangling fatigue this week, and didn’t get as much accomplished as I’d planned on doing. But what’s worse is that I kind of had to fight my way through a lot of what I did work on, and wasn’t overly happy with [click to continue…]


A new year is coming!

Autumn Leaves

Now that the last week in August is here, my thoughts inevitably begin turning towards September. And ever since I can remember, September has always felt like the beginning of my new year – much more so than January ever does – so there’s a certain [click to continue…]


Today’s Gratitude List – Linkup No. 43


It’s been a fairly quiet week for me. Peter and I have put ourselves on a rather strict budget for the next while, and haven’t really been going out much (apart from our weekly trivia evening) or doing anything particularly exciting… so right now my gratitude is [click to continue…]


That ship has NOT sailed!


Once upon a time, Peter and I bought a pair of bicycles. It had been years since either of us had been on a bike, so our excitement was tinged with a touch of nervousness as we each hopped on board and pedaled our way to the end of the driveway and [click to continue…]