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My 2016 Word of the Year + Linkup

Happy (almost) New Year! OK, so it’s still December, and not quite time to celebrate with party hats, streamers, and noisemakers… but since January is right around the proverbial corner, it feels like a great time for me to divulge my 2016 word of the year – and then invite you to do the same!

First, though, a confession.

I’ve chosen a special word at the start of the past couple of years, and in both cases was excited about using my words to inspire me pursue my goals… but to be honest, I didn’t do a whole lot of followup in the months to come, so my good intentions ended up falling by the wayside.

Work In Progress

Rather than use this disappointing outcome as an excuse to skip out on picking a new word for 2016, however, I’ve decided to look at the situation as a learning experience to make this year different.

How? Well, I actually wrote a whole post about it which was published just yesterday on BlogHer, and I’d love it if you’d check it out and (hopefully!) be inspired…

3 Ways to Use Your Blog to Stick to Your Resolutions

…then pop back over here to read the rest of this post. (Don’t worry, I’ll wait!)

*insert hold music*

Welcome back! OK, so now that you know how I’m going to use my blog to help me follow through with my intentions for 2016, it’s time for me to reveal my word of the year, which is…

P r o g r e s s

I love how this word can be both a verb…

Move forward or onward in space or time.

and a noun…

Forward or onward movement toward a destination.

…giving me two angles from which I can look at my goals:

I will progress
I will see progress

I have a LOT of progress that I’m planning to make in the year to come and, following my own advice in my BlogHer post, will be telling you all about it on January 1, 2016 (my birthday!) in the first post of a special 2016 blog series. I hope you’ll stop by and check it out, and stick around to support me as I work towards achieving my goals.

Now it’s your turn!

Ready to jump in?

How you can get involved in the 2016 Word of the Year Linkup

Note: This linkup will be open until the end of January 2016, so you have LOTS of time to write and add your own post!

  1. Write and post an entry in your blog about the word you chose for 2016.
  2. Click the “add your link” button below and share your post.
  3. Click “get the InLinkz code” below and add the linkup code to your post.
  4. Visit and comment on some of the other posts listed in the linkup.

word of the year

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