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Life in the blogosphere

Some random truths I’ve gathered throughout my years of blogging, some seemingly contradictory yet all accurate nonetheless, about life in the blogosphere:

  • The very time you have the time to actually write a really decent post turns out to be the very time no one seems to have the time to read your blog.
  • Self-promotion is HARD. It feels phony and contrived and you always wonder how much you’re irritating your friends and family.
  • Your biggest sources of support often come from the most unexpected places and people.
  • People you thought would become avid readers turn out to be not particularly interested or engaged.
  • Every real (i.e., non-spammy) comment received is like a small, perfectly-wrapped gift.
  • Weekends are a black hole. Save your best/favourite posts for early in the week.
  • The posts you felt you threw together often garner a bigger or better response than something into which you poured your heart and soul.
  • Obsessively refreshing your statcounter or repeatedly checking for new subscribers will NOT, surprisingly, bring visitors to your blog.
  • There will always be someone doing it better than you.
  • There will always be someone doing it worse than you.
  • Your voice is your own. Comparison with others is more often dangerous than helpful.
  • Do it first and foremost for your own satisfaction. Everything else is gravy.

What can you add to my list of observations about life in the blogosphere?

Laurel Storey, CZT – Certified Zentangle Teacher. Writer, reader, tangler, iPhoneographer, cat herder, learner of French and Italian, crocheter, needle felter, on-and-off politics junkie, 80s music trivia freak, ongoing work in progress.

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  • a.eye February 11, 2012

    I am sometimes a statcounter junkie – and it really doesn’t do anything but depress me when there haven’t been many new views during a given hour. But my detox involved writing more for me rather than for the accolades and the page views.

    However, I still am overjoyed when I receive comments that are genuine – makes me truly happy.

    It took me a bit to realize that even though I had more time to write on weekends that not many people read blogs on the weekends.
    a.eye recently posted… I finally got caught and ticketedMy Profile

    • Dawn
      February 11, 2012

      The weekend thing has been a real surprise to me. I guess people have lives and they live them away from their computers on weekends! Good to know.
      Dawn recently posted… Life in the blogosphereMy Profile

  • Stephanie February 11, 2012

    I agree with all of your points! I would add that no matter what you’re writing about, chances are that someone else is writing about the same thing. So don’t be surprised if your “original” post looks an awful lot like someone else’s “original” post.

    • Dawn
      February 11, 2012

      Oh, good point! I’ve had that happen a couple of times, and when it’s someone I read regularly my first thought is, “Ack, I hope they don’t think I copied them!” Truly, there is nothing new under the sun, especially when it comes to blogging.
      Dawn recently posted… Life in the blogosphereMy Profile

  • Cindy February 11, 2012

    I still find blogging to be a strange thing altogether. I mean, I read YOUR blog because I knew you long ago and I’m interested in the person you’ve become. (And I really enjoy it, BTW!) As for reading a blog written by someone I don’t know–I can’t imagine taking the time to do that. But maybe I’m just stuck back in the last century!

    • Dawn
      February 11, 2012

      I’m glad you enjoy it, Cindy! It’s actually surprising how engaging other people’s blogs can be, despite not knowing who they are at the outset. (Then again, I often say that I’ve been blogging since before blogging was even a word, so my perspective will of course be different!)
      Dawn recently posted… Life in the blogosphereMy Profile

  • Elise Davis February 12, 2012

    All quite accurate insights!
    Elise Davis recently posted… They Are In CahootsMy Profile

  • Rick Buda February 12, 2012

    I love your list. Since it is 3:43am I have no snappy, amusing comments to say.
    The Self-promotion thing is shared. I get downright palm-sweaty thinking that I have to go out and tell people how great my work (and by association, myself) is. But, I have learned that people (apart from family and friends) seems to “eat it up.”
    I try to ignore the stats… But yes have discovered that weekends suck.
    I am getting more and more into reading blogs but, yes every day does get to be hard to keep at it. I have finally realized that it’s marketing — the cool titles grab me…
    Rick Buda recently posted… The Joys of ReformatingMy Profile

    • Dawn
      February 12, 2012

      I find that other bloggers definitely understand the self-promotion thing – after all, they have to do it themselves! I’m always worrying that friends and family will think I’m a huge nuisance, though.

      It’s interesting how many other people also find weekends to be slower on their blogs. For awhile there I thought it was just me!
      Dawn recently posted… Life in the blogosphereMy Profile

  • Atul Tayade February 12, 2012

    I think you should have numbered the list instead of the bullets.

    I say so because I so very much wanted to press the like (if there was) on Bullet point no. 8 ” “Obsessively refreshing your statcounter…”
    Atul Tayade recently posted… Experiments with Online Traffic PowerhouseMy Profile

  • Mary February 14, 2012

    This was a wonderful reminder and so true! Sometimes I am astounded at times at which posts garner the most response! I wish I could stay true to myself. It is scary at times to truly reveal yourself.

    • Dawn
      February 14, 2012

      Blogging is a fascinating exercise, isn’t it? I love it, but it can definitely be scary at times.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂
      Dawn recently posted… Working from homeMy Profile


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