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Health care, Canadian-style – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I posted some of my thoughts on and experiences with health care in Canada. Since then, the debates on health care reform in the U.S. have raged on, and on, and on, and watching coverage of countless “town hells” filled with shouting “hatriots” spewing ugliness, seemingly blindly in favour of the mighty insurance corporations retaining control over their health care decisions, leaves one feeling rather bleak about the whole situation and its possible outcomes for friends south of our border.

And the lies about Canadian health care continue, are fed, and grow.

I can do nothing about the situation in the U.S., of course… I have no vote and no voice in that country… but I can and I will continue talking about my own personal experiences with health care in Canada. Even if I end up being nothing more than a voice in the wilderness, at least I will have spoken… and perhaps if enough “Real Canadians” were to speak out, as I am doing, the truth would get through and be heard.

If you don’t believe me when I tell you that we have an amazing setup in Canada… or if you do, but want reinforcement from others… I strongly encourage you to watch Real Canadians Talking Real Health Care (and then forward the link to others). The video, just under ten minutes long, features a series of interviews with average, everyday Canadians of varying ages talking about their own experiences with Canadian health care, and is well worth taking the time to watch. The individuals in the video were all from Ontario and Quebec, but I can guarantee that a similar series of interviews could easily have been filmed in my own (or, I suspect, any other) province.

Watch and learn. Canadians have this one right.

UPDATE: New post – “A personal example of Canadian health care”

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  • onyerbike September 3, 2009

    The hate-filled vitriol of those aptly named town "hells" has gotten so over the top that I won't even watch news coverage of them anymore. If the news mentions town hall coverage, the channel gets switched.

    It amazes me that they can yell on and on about not wanting bureaucrats in charge of their health care, and NOT see the obvious right in front of them – US health care is already run by bureaucrats: the HMO's! They've already got "death panels" – the bureaucrats in the HMO's that are making medical decisions for them without benefit of a medical license. Any time someone has been denied coverage for something because it isn't cost-effective (no liver transplant for you, Granny. You're 80 and it's not a good use of our money), they've been before a death panel. How can I be the only one seeing this??

    Our health care system in Canada may not be perfect (whose is, really?), but if I break my hip and require a hip replacement, I won't be facing a $100,000 hospital bill, I won't lose my house, and I won't have to file for bankruptcy to get out from under it. If my illness is life-threatening, I will get immediate attention. If I need medical attention for something that can wait, I will wait because I will get the treatment I need without it breaking my back financially.

    I remain very proud to be a Canadian.

  • Laurel Regan September 4, 2009

    Very well said, onyerbike, on all points! I honestly don't understand how people can be so blind to the truth… although knowing how much money is invested in promoting the lies, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Sad but true!


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