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Greening my thumbs

Though I’m not really a green thumb, for many years I’ve wanted to have a small container herb garden. Unfortunately (or should I say unsurprisingly), one thing didn’t lead to another and I never actually got around to planning or growing one.

Since we moved into this house, my husband has been planning what he wants to do with the back yard, part of which includes building containers and planting a small vegetable garden. Every time he talks about his garden, he also (gently) hounds me to give some thought – or, more appropriately, some action – to what I want to do about my herb garden (the “finally” remains unspoken because he is a kind man).

Even though it’s the middle of winter and my thoughts are far away from playing outside in the dirt with growing things, I know he’s right.

I need a plan.

I’m not really sure what I want for this first year, but I do know that I want to start small. Thing is, I’m completely new to gardening, and also (confession time) incredibly lazy when it comes to physical labour (yes, even for something as seemingly simple as maintaining a small container garden).

So, thinking and planning, scheming and dreaming. Maybe some chives – I know we’d use those in our cooking. Rosemary is lovely – in fact, I do believe our back yard came pre-installed with a rosemary plant! – as is lavender and dill and mint and… yikes! Not only do I not know where to begin, I also don’t know where to end!

Do you have a vegetable or herb garden? Please give me some input to help me get started!

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  • Classic NYer February 7, 2012

    Ooh! Ever since I found out that one of my friends has an herb garden in his back yard I’ve wanted one too… Of course I’ll need to get myself a back yard first… baby steps…

    I’d say start with the rosemary because it’s already there. See how that works out, and then add another herb.
    Classic NYer recently posted… On bright momentsMy Profile

    • Dawn
      February 7, 2012

      I’ve heard that if you have the proper sun exposure, you can even have a container herb garden on a balcony or windowsill! I haven’t tried that myself, though, so YMMV.

      I’m hoping it IS rosemary out there – that’ll give me a good head start!

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂
      Dawn recently posted… Greening my thumbsMy Profile

  • Stephanie February 10, 2012

    I want to be a gardener. I just don’t like the actual act of gardening. I start too big and get overwhelmed and then just quit. Last year, my husband found a bunch of plain wooden flower boxes…he bought me 8 or 10 of them. I’m thinking about having a decktop garden this summer, and growing vegetables and herbs. As for which herbs to grow…I love basil and parsley. Last year, the bunnies ate all of mine, but hopefully the flower boxes will solve that problem!

    • Dawn
      February 10, 2012

      I am much the same way – the idea of gardening is great, but the actual doing is another matter altogether! I love the idea of a decktop garden – that’s the sort of thing I’d like to try as well.

      Thanks for the suggestions, and thank you for stopping by! 🙂
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