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Photo Friday: Architecture

Medium Format Camera

Today’s Photo Friday selection is another picture taken from the Windsor side of the Detroit Riverfront, just a short walk from my house. I was tickled by the juxtaposition of the quaint wooden birdhouse against the steel and glass of Detroit’s skyline – two completely different [click to continue…]


Organ Donation Part 2: Talk to your family!


After reading the comments on the post I shared yesterday (World Organ Donation Day: Are you registered as an organ donor? Are you SURE?), I thought I’d do a follow-up for those of you who might have missed a key point that was made by some of my readers.
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heart in hands

This past week, in recognition of World Organ Donation Day, my friends at Write Tribe held a blog carnival where bloggers were encouraged to write and share their own posts related to organ donation.

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Tangled Tuesday No. 16

A to Z Tangle Sampler - April, 2014

Well, this week I hit the 500 posts milestone on Ten Thousand Tangles. Yay me! While actually getting to ten thousand tangles is still pretty far off in the distance, I think reaching the 500 mark after just over a year of tangling is not too shabby at all. Happy Tangled Tuesday! [click to continue…]


Some questions on self-image


What if you suddenly discovered that some long-held, deeply ingrained, negative belief about yourself was a complete and utter lie?

What if for one moment you chose to see yourself the way others saw you, instead of through [click to continue…]


Today’s Gratitude List – Linkup No. 42


This has been quite a week, hasn’t it? Though my own personal corner of the world is fine at the moment, it sure does seem as though the news has been exceptionally full of sadness and strife over the past little while. Perhaps that’s all the more reason to take a few minutes to stop and [click to continue…]


Photo A Day Challenge – August 1-16, 2014


The August Photo A Day Challenge is only half over, but already I think it’s one of my favourite months yet. For whatever reason I’ve been really satisfied with several of the shots I’ve taken, and have felt as though my creativity has been bending and stretching. It’s a good feeling, and I’m [click to continue…]


Photo Friday: Moody

Medium Format Camera

It didn’t take long at all for me to decide which of my shots to use for today’s Photo Friday prompt! I took this one in May when we were outside doing some cleanup in the back yard, with Oscar and Felix supervising from Peter’s office window. I tweaked some settings and added some filters and [click to continue…]




This morning I got going a little earlier than usual, as I was expecting a delivery and wanted to be sure I was awake and dressed and didn’t miss hearing the doorbell.

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Sometimes a blogger who’s doing her best to post something every day throughout 2014 faithfully tries to write, but her thoughts and feelings about all the wars and death and sadness and pain in the world come out as a jumbled, incoherent mess, so she decides to be honest with her readers [click to continue…]


Tangled Tuesday No. 15

A to Z Tangle Sampler - April, 2014

Has it already been a week since my last Tangled Tuesday post?! It’s sure been a busy one, full of fun and socializing and exciting news and even a big giveaway… but I still managed to find some time for tangling, so here we go!
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Review & Giveaway: ActiFry 2in1 from T-fal Canada


Which way do you lean when it comes to food preferences – sweet or salty? Given the choice, my go-to favourites have always been foods that are salty – and usually high in fat – with French fries and potato chips tied for #1 on my list. My mouth waters just thinking about them! [click to continue…]


Today’s Gratitude List – Linkup No. 41


So… Number One on my gratitude list today is my employer. Why, you ask? Well, I’m always grateful to them for several reasons – giving me a job in the first place, keeping me around even when times were tough, generosity with salary and bonuses, agreeing to allow me to work from home [click to continue…]


A Recommendation: MyFitnessPal


A couple of years ago I stumbled upon one of the most helpful, fun, and totally free fitness resources I’ve ever found, and I’ve been using it ever since. Just in case you haven’t already discovered it (or something similar) for yourself, I thought I’d share a few details about MyFitnessPal. [click to continue…]


Photo Friday: From Nature

Medium Format Camera

Just a few weeks ago, in response to the Photo Friday “Green” prompt, I shared a recent picture I’d taken of ivy covering the decrepit Walker Power Plant building. Today’s prompt reminded me of another photo I took a couple of years ago. As you’ll see, it’s the same building – but this time [click to continue…]


The delight of Italian meals

Bowl of Tomatoes on Tricolored Pasta

We love watching an Italian cooking show called Lidia’s Italy. Even if we’ve just finished eating our own dinner, the delectable food she’s preparing never fails to make our stomachs growl and mouths water! After watching the program several times we picked up on the phrase she uses to [click to continue…]


Peace begins in my heart


These days there’s a war being played out on my Facebook newsfeed in a polarized chaos of opinion and fact, fury and compassion, bigotry and heartbreak.

In the midst of my own sense of [click to continue…]


Tangled Tuesday No. 14

A to Z Tangle Sampler - April, 2014

It seems as though I’ve been moving in slow motion ever since I returned home from BlogHer ’14, and as a result I’m getting buried deeper and deeper in my personal “To Do” list. I feel like I need another week off work – without any other commitments such as traveling across the continent to attend [click to continue…]


Trying again


This morning I did something that I haven’t done since, oh, sometime in May: I dragged out and dusted off the Wii Fit Balance Board, replaced the long-dead batteries in the remote, and… gulp… weighed myself, prepared for the worst.
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Today’s Gratitude List – Linkup No. 40


I feel as though I should probably warn you in advance – just in case you happened to think it would be otherwise – my gratitude list today is going to be rather BlogHer ’14-centric! Because the whole trip was an amazing experience from start to finish, and left me feeling grateful in all sorts of ways – [click to continue…]