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Tangled T-Day No. 10

It has been another busy week in my world (this is getting to be a pattern!) consisting of teaching and tangling in between all the other regular details of life, and I have some good stuff to share with you in today’s Tangled T-Day post. Hope you enjoy! [click to continue…]


Photo A Day Challenge – March 1-17, 2017

Well, would you look at that – for the first time in I-don’t-know-HOW-long I’ve managed to stay on track with the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge EVERY SINGLE DAY this month. Go, me! And on top of that, my photo for “Fave part of my day” on the 8th was [click to continue…]


Tangled T-Day No. 9

Welcome back for another Tangled T-Day! While my schedule has been rather crazy lately I have done quite a bit of tangling in between other commitments, and I’m glad to be able to share the details with you in today’s post. Hope you enjoy! [click to continue…]


Tangled T-Day No. 8

This week I’ve been hugely busy tangling my little heart out in preparation for offering a new line of custom art pieces for sale, and as a result today’s Tangled T-Day post is another colour-filled array of tangled goodness. Hope you enjoy! [click to continue…]


Well, since I wasn’t able to keep up with either #MicroblogMondays posts OR the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge in February, mostly due to busy-ness in other areas of life (*cough* tangling *cough*), I thought it would be appropriate to combine [click to continue…]


Tangled T-Day No. 7

Today is one of the reasons why I decided to make a tiny adjustment in my blogging habits and move from Tangled Tuesday to Tangled T-Day posts – so that I could share my tangling for challenges that were issued after my Tuesday blog post [click to continue…]


Tangled T-Day No. 6

This has been a very busy week for me, full of tangling, teaching, training, and learning a new and ever-so-beautiful watercolour technique – so I have lots to report in a most colourful Tangled T-Day update. Hope you enjoy!
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Tangled T-Day No. 5

Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Tangled T-Day! Today’s post is going to be fairly short, but hopefully sweet, with details on the launch of my gallery wall plus a selection of tangling-related goodies [click to continue…]


Tangled T-Day No. 4

Well, in spite of my very best intentions, I’ve gone and done it again – that is, I’ve fallen behind in sharing any tangling updates for the past few weeks. But I’m here now (better late than never?!), with a nice full Tangled T-Day post which includes some [click to continue…]


Photo A Day Challenge – January 1-12, 2017

All throughout the month of January it seems as though I’ve been racing to catch up from behind – in my day job, in the admin end of my career as a CZT, and in various aspects of my personal life.
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Tangled T-Day No. 3

Welcome to another Tangled T-Day! In addition to this week’s bundle of tangling updates, I’ve got a fun bit of giveaway news to share with you today. Hope you enjoy!

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#MicroblogMondays 125 – MLK

What is #MicroblogMondays?
#MicroblogMondays 125 linkup here!



If we met for coffee

If we met for coffee, I’d say with a sense of relief just what perfect timing it is, since I’m currently all out of my favourite dark-roast beans at home and have been relying on No Name instant (blech!) for the past couple of days to get my morning jump-start. [click to continue…]


Tangled T-Day No. 2

It’s been a fun and creative week of tangling, learning new patterns, and finishing this week’s page in my 2017 art journal. Welcome to another Tangled T-Day – hope you enjoy!

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Reminder: 2017 Word of the Year Linkup

Hey, Alphabet Salad readers – in case you missed (or perhaps forgot!) My 2017 Word of the Year + Linkup post, I’m here with a gentle nudge and timely reminder to sit down and write your own word of the year post and then link up with other bloggers below. [click to continue…]


International Blog Delurking Week 2017

As I was reminded today by the fabulous Melissa Ford of Stirrup Queens, an ancient internet tradition called International Blog Delurking Week is happening… right now! This week! And you – yes, I really do mean YOU – are invited to play! [click to continue…]


Tangled T-Day No. 1

Welcome to my first-ever Tangled T-Day! OK, so it’s not really all THAT different from my previous Tangled Tuesday series – I’ve just decided to tweak the process a little (check out this post if you’d like more details), and to mark the transition I’m [click to continue…]